Month eight

Sadly, here we are again, another month (and a few days) later from one of the best days of my life. With every day that passes, we are all carried a bit further from her beginning. Birth, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and now eight months old. Cora, as you can tell, greatly agrees with me on this very sad and devastating news. Another month? Say it ain't so! She is clearly down about the turning of days.


8 months

While the passing of days makes me sad, it is utterly amazing to watch her develop. A day goes by and she has learned a new skill. Just since Christmas, she has popped up two teeth, 100% mastered crawling on all fours, scaling the entire staircase, (hasn't mastered down yet), maneuvering under and around chair legs, pulling up to stand, and cruising along any available surface.

Don't dare think of strapping her down to change her diaper or remove her wet clothes after getting into the dog water again, Sister has big plans. She is ready to stand up and be counted.

8 months

Cora is weighing in at 18 lbs, 10 oz. Her weight gain has (finally) slowed down tremendously, which is nice. She is fitting nicely into 6-9 month clothing and burning through many calories with all her physical activity. In fact, she rarely slows down or stops moving except for nursing and napping. She takes three good (usually hour long sometimes more) naps during the day- morning, afternoon, and late evening. On the flip side, she nurses like a newborn throughout the entire night. Who needs sleep to more than two hours at a time?

Not this girl.

8 months

As you probably guessed, we still have not started feeding Cora any solids. I know, I am such a mean Mama. Also? I am lazy. I will tell you that I let her taste a semi-mashed banana and she immediately choked. So, maybe we'll try again soon. Lest you think we aren't concerned about her fine motor skills, just know that is fully able to hold a spoon.


8 months

She can also pincher grasp (dog food, paper, leaves, LEGOs!) with her fingers, transfer objects between her hands, and has strong attachments. Daddy does the trick but for now it's mostly Mama that she desires. No babbling consonants yet but I'm not worried. Girlfriend is able to let us know what she wants.

And she wants her Mama, she just can't say it with words yet.

8 months

But I know and it works out nicely for me because I want her too. My attachment to her is strong. 

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