Silly baby

This right here is the story of my life. All day long we retrieve Cora from something– off the stairs, from pulling fist fulls of dirt out of my plants, away from the Legos. Not even kidding, I just took a penny away from her. She screamed loudly at the injustice. Repeat this scene 100x a day.

Case in point: just look at that naughty baby getting into the dog water again.

Naughty baby

Me: "Cooooooooooora. Cooooooooooora Jaaaaaaane! Are you in the dog water?"

Naughty baby

CJ: "What, Mom? Nothing to see here. Move right along, please. I'm not doing anything wrong."

Naughty baby
CJ: "OMG. LOOK out, Mom! A Bear!"
Naughty baby with a bear

CJ: "Oops. False alarm. Carry on." 


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