Snow fun!

We FINALLY got some snow here in Kansas. The first recorded inch of the season fell last night. Granted, it wasn't enough to cancel school but it was enough to go outside and play. I am a firm believer that snow is only good if it cancels school. All other snow is a waste of my time. And snow is dirty. I don't do dirty.

I saw a sign on Pinterest that said, "Keep Calm and Carry on. There will be a snow day soon."

Amen to that.

Snow day

Baby's first snow! Cora Bean was a fan as long as we didn't make her touch the snow and held her the entire time. I shouldn't expect anything less with her. Put her down? On the ground? Absurd.

Snow day

Bennett, complete with a left-over from lunch spaghetti mustache, is trying to throw a snowball at me. This is the ridiculous behavior he learns from his father. STINKER.

Snow day

Simon wanted to go sledding. When we said no, he settled for sledding down the "hill" between the houses.

Snow day

It's all fun and games until somebody puts the baby in the snow. Nobody puts baby in the corner snow.

Snow day
Now I have a line of coats and shoes drying in front of the fireplace and a laundry basket full of wet clothes. Who wants to come over and clean up this mess?
I told you snow was dirty.

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