Love notes

Dear Simon,

I'm sorry for yelling violently at you this morning. I know it is hard being the oldest child- so many expectations and responsibilities fall on your shoulders. You are doing a great job though. I love you so much, even when you refuse to get out of bed in the morning thus making Bennett whine loudly about being alone which inevitably wakes up the baby. I forgive you. Please forgive me.

In all the world, you, Simon Poo, are my very favorite 8 year old. Happy Heart Day, sweetie.


PS. Burger, burger, fart, fart, wiener.

Me and S


Dear Bennett,

Where would I be without you? Who would make me laugh? Who would wake up the entire house? I would be lonely and sleeping, that is for sure. It is such a treat having you in our family. Easy going, not a care in the world (except about what is for supper), and a great big brother. I couldn't ask for more. While I love to watch you grow and learn could you maybe slow down a bit? This Mama's heart can't hardly stand to watch you change so fast.

In all the world, you, Bennbutt, are my very favorite 4 year old. Happy Heart Day, my silly Valentine.


PS. Tomorrow you can have spaghetti and chips for lunch. YOUR FAVORITE.

Me and B


Dear Cora Jane,

I always hoped that someday I would get to mother a baby girl. My heart still does little flip-flops when I think about you. A girl? A GIRL?!? A baby girl just for me and the best present in the whole wide world. I can't believe how very lucky I am. However, I think you are trying to kill me with the lack of sleeping, so if you could ease up a bit, I would REALLY appreciate it.

In all the world, you, Cora Bean, are my very favorite girl. Happy Heart Day, baby.


PS. Thanks for saying Mama first. I always knew I was your favorite too.

Me and C


Dear Daddy,

You are such a good man and I don't deserve you. How can you stand to live with me? My yelling, my OCD tendencies, my need for sleep? It's like living the dream, huh? It's been said before here and I will say it again: you are the best, smartest, strongest, most caring and giving person I know. Thank you for loving me, especially when I am unlovable and thank you for working so hard for our family. Not many men are willing to do what you do. Way to take one for the team.

In all the world, you, MTP, are my very, very favorite. Happy Heart Day, love.

Audrey Lynne

PS. I promise {tomorrow only} to put the silverware away the right way. Who has OCD?

PPS. I might let you win on Words with Friends soon. {Depends on how nice you are to me.}

Me and M


Happy Heart Day, friends. Thanks for stopping by PPo5. {Also, thanks to Emily for the Love Note idea.}

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