Sad and happy

Yay! Spring is almost here! I made it through my very, very least favorite time of year. What is good about January and February? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

It was a good winter though especially because we had like ZERO inches of snow. We also made it through without any major illnesses. We had a few colds but nothing that was deadly. Simon hasn't even taken a single sick day all year. Knock on wood.

Speaking of sickness, this kid was sick today. He was a sad, sad panda bear.

After starting the day at 6:00 am with some screaming (and more screaming through breakfast), I called and got him an appointment at the doctor. By 9:00, we were there and waiting for her to confirm my suspicions. Forty-five (45!) (with a baby!) (and a screaming kid!) minutes later, I learned what I already knew.

Double ear infection for the win. Or, really, not a win at all. His very first ear infection. Bennett is my always happy, silly, perfectly content to play by himself, easy going little boy. Not today. Today he was crying, clingy, and a couch napper. Two naps, actually. He broke my heart. After his second nap, he rallied a bit and ate a big dinner. I am hoping that he can make it through the night and feels much better tomorrow.

Tomorrow is March 1st and the high is supposed to be 70 degrees.

Happy boy

Oh, happy day.  

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