Preschool ramblings and a lesson in Spanish

Bennett is feeling much better today. Thank you to those that left comments here and on Facebook. Having sick kids is no bueno.

What is this Spanish class? I don't know where that came from.

So, because of yesterday, Bennett got a sick day from preschool today. I was still in bed when Daddy made the call to keep him home. Had it been up to me, I would have hauled his happy pants to preschool. Bennett never had a fever or runny nose, just the ear infections but alas, I was not awake to protest the decision.

Hi, my name is Bennett

Hola, my name is Bennett and I get whatever I want. All I have to do is flash my big 'ol brown eyes and Daddy becomes a puddle of mush.

"My ear still huuuurts a widdle bit, Daddy."
"Okay, kiddo. No preschool for you."
"Would you like to paint instead and make Mommy's head spin off?"
"Si, Daddy. I would like 'dat berry much."

Art class

Art is his thing. He is always wanting to cut and color and paint and make giant messes and so because he was home and feeling fine, we decided to take a trip to the Art Center. I wanted to enroll him in preschool for next fall and blow his mind at the same time. Mission accomplished. Although Bennett really, reallly enjoys his current Tuesday/Thursday morning preschool, I don't feel like it was a very good fit for me. I think we've decided to bump him up to Monday/Wednesday/Friday mornings at the Art Center instead. I would have kept him at his old preschool but the M/W/F was full and more expensive.

I don't think preschool needs to be a very big deal or taken super seriously. 

I believe that preschool = fun.  

I also believe that preschool =/= Kindergarten. Right now learner behaviors are much more important. Things like sitting in a circle, waiting for a turn, getting along with others, and walking in a line rank right up there with learning letters, writing your name, and math facts.

Art class

He's pretty excited about this next adventure. Of course, the Art preschool doesn't start until August which is a LOOOOONG time from now in the world of a 4 year old. (6 months is like an 1/8 of his life so far?) (Math was never my strong point.) The good news is that is all the more time to practice our letter names and sounds Spanish.

I hear it's pretty important for Kindergarten.

On that note, buenas noches!

I can't seem to get Spell Check to work correctly. My apologgies if their are meny mispelled wordz. (Spelling was never my strong point either.) (Reading was more my thing.)


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