Stats and a question

Newest statistics are in for Sister after her very quick 9 months (and 3 weeks) old checkup.

Weight: 19 lbs, 6 oz. (51st percentile)
Length: 29.25 inches (89th percentile)

She is EXACTLY the same size as Simon at 9 months. Well played, genetics. Well played.

9 months of love

Dr. Harris and I talked about ear piercing. She will pierce her ears for free, if I bring in the studs and regardless of whether or not she has been vaccinated.

Where is the line when it comes to sexual identity and gender? I obviously do not have a problem playing the 'girl card.' I had two rowdy boys. I've done trucks and balls and lots of blue. Cora Jane wears dresses and bows almost every day. She also has nary a lick of hair.

So! I am almost afraid to ask but what are you thoughts on this, friends?  

New headband from Addison Renee.
Dress from Baby Gap, courtesy of Grandma Cale.
(Possible Future) Diamond earrings, courtesy of Grandpa Cale.

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