Happy birthday!

It is a special day here at the Pool house. Matty Daddy is another year old and that much closer to forty! Yay? YAY!

Who puts the old in old school? HE DOES. OH MY WORD.

And oh, despite his ripe age of 36, how do we love him and his gray hairs? In more ways than I can count. It goes without saying that he is the BEST Daddy in the whole world though. Not even kidding. He puts all other dads to shame. I'll tell you a secret: the boys like him more than me. Who wouldn't?

Christmas 2011

Cora is a pretty smitten kitten too. As evidenced by the fact that she reserves her open mouth, snotty kisses just for him. Lucky guy.

We love Daddy2

We love Daddy4

I like that you keep me young, MTP. I will forever and ever always be the young hot wife. AMEN. This really was my plan all along. Marry some old rich (HAR, HAR) guy and then I could poke fun at him forever. It is working out nicely. It is always fun to be the youngest person in the group too. I love it.

My hope is that we have another year full of love and lots of laughter. You make my life better and I don't want to spend it with anyone other than you. Mostly because you let me sleep in the morning and always bring me drinks when I am thirsty. Of course, you also made my life 10,000 times better by giving me some very beautiful babies. I do hope, however, that you don't bring me any more this year. Our house is full enough for now, don't you think? 

Happy birthday, love. I hope that you are having a great day in Atlanta and am sad that we aren't actually together now. I have busy plans for today, however. Plans to go shopping with your money and surprises to plan for when you get back. We're going to have a great weekend. 

Love you, Old Balls birthday boy.

You can read past birthday wishes: here is 2011, 2010, and even wayyyy back 2009.


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