Spring fling

Happy first day of Spring! Northeastern Kansas had the strangest winter of all- it only snowed ONE time– and now we are enjoying unseasonably warm weather. We've had plenty of 70 and 80 degree weather already. Today it is raining ever so softly and Simon is home on Spring Break. Go away rain, so that he may go outside.

Let it be noted that I am not complaining. I promise not to complain when it is approximately 120 degrees in July either.

SPRING: I love you and the green that you bring. Please come in quietly and leave the tornados behind.

10 months 114

What? Of course I decorated for Spring. Did you expect anything less? (Previous mantels this year: Christmas and Fall).
10 months 121

I have had these Pottery Barn crocks for years. Matt finally drilled a hole in the bottom for me. Eggs from Hobby Lobby. Smelly green candle from Bath and Body. Pretty (real!) plant from Walmart. I am like the old lady with cats except for plants (and kids). I've got plants (and kids) everywhere.

And bunnies. The world needs more bunnies.

10 months 118

Bunnies from? I don't remember. Fake green leaves from Pottery Barn.

10 months 124

Cora Jane loves to stick her hand in this crock and pull out the dirt (kinda like this). I could move the plants out of her reach but what fun is that? I wouldn't have any dirt to sweep up ten times a day if I did.

Not that I am complaining or anything. 🙂

The Lettered Cottage
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