Pant-less wonder

Somebody sit on this baby because I did not, I REPEAT, I did not say that walking early was an option. 10 months is entirely too soon to walk. Simon was walking 100% unassisted by his first birthday and I am pretty sure this little girl will be too.

RUDE, little one.

Walking baby

When she walks, she looks exactly like a drunk college girl. Three clumsy steps and she is down giggling and crawling on her knees again. It makes us all laugh which helps my heart from shattering into a million tiny pieces. Stop growing, please. And I can't even begin to think about college. College. Shudders.  

However, I do hope that by the time Cora Jane is actually in college, she will have learned to keep her pants on.

Oh, I am kidding.

Except that I'm not really kidding. Not at all.

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