Easter in words and pictures but mostly pictures

One of my friends on Facebook posted that she went to the store and bought, "28 boxes of cereal, 2 cans of Campbell's cream soups, 2 bananas, and a pack of gum and THEY PAID ME $1.05 in cash."

Can somebody please explain this to me? I took the same coupon and walked away with 8 boxes of cereal that cost me $8.00. Now, I am not complaining because that comes out to a dollar a box but seriously WTF. I don't get it? She gets TWENTY EIGHT BOXES FOR FREE.

I got ZERO.

In other nonrelated news, I have more Easter pictures for you. This is going to be very picture heavy because I have nothing else to talk about and I am pretty sure you don't want to hear me complain about my First World Problems. So! Here you go whether you care or not.

You're welcome. 🙂

Easter 2012 016

Easter 2012 048

We started off the weekend by dying Easter eggs. We tried using Kool-aid in addition to the regular boxed kind. While the colors weren't much different, the smell was much better.

Easter 2012 061

When I was a child, the Easter bunny brought us candy (jelly beans and marshmallow eggs) and nothing else. This year, she brought candy, a small Lego set, dollar stuffed eggs, sidewalk chalk (for Bennett), riding gloves (for Simon), a sippy cup, baby doll, and hairbows (for Cora).

I'm thinking next year she'll probably bring Cora a real life pony and a car for the boys because HOLY COW when did she start bringing gifts too? Why can't they just be happy with the Jelly Belly Kids Mix?

Easter 2012 070

The children released Painted Lady butterflies at church. Let it be known that while I did take this picture, this is not Bennett's finger. His nails are embarrassingly nappy. Somebody needs to work harder on keeping him clean and tidy.

After church, we went to my sister's house for a wonderful lunch. Here is my sister and her husband, Eric. Doesn't she look like me only prettier?

Easter 2012 137

The rest of the pictures are just of my family. It wouldn't be Easter if we didn't take a few family shots of us all dressed up. Feel free to scroll on quickly. Nothing to see here but beautiful people.

Easter 2012 117

I was really IN LOVE with Cora's dress that my Mom picked out and purchased. It's still hard for me to comprehend as I am a slow learner. I was given a baby girl! I get to dress her up! She is really mine! The dress came from Baby Gap, the perfectly matching bow came from Addison Renee, and the shoes are Robeez.

Easter 2012 125

Easter 2012 126

It was a good Easter and made me long for Memorial Day. I am hoping to see my other sister and then hopefully we'll all be together. My twin nephews also turned three which is simply unacceptable.  

How was your Easter? What did the Bunny bring your kid? If you say FREE BOXES OF CEREAL, I'll be your BFF forever. 


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