Hairy armpit hippies

Last summer when Cora Bean was a tiny baby, I became involved in a local breastfeeding support group. (BIBS for the locals!) (Link shy: 6:30! Wednesdays! Heath Department! Lawrence, KS!) I know what you are thinking. Only tie-dyed, hairy armpit hippies go to support groups for their boobies.

It's okay. Judge away, Judgerella.

In truth, we don't really sit around talking about let down and latch that much. Instead we mostly laugh, commiserate, and have a shared connection as we watch our babies go from wrinkled newborns to teething toddlers. Sometimes breastfeeding sucks (pun intended, as always) and having a group of people that you can relate to makes everything better. If nothing else, being in a group makes me feel less like a weirdo. Did you know that only 10.6% of 6 month old infants are exclusively breastfed in Kansas? True fact.

As if that isn't reason enough to attend a weekly meeting, having our babies become the best of friends is an added bonus. Coleman, Cora Jane, and Ryden are all just 6 weeks apart.  

Ryden 029

Cora was concerned about Coleman as he straight up refused to smile for the camera. Apparently this girl is so used to being in front of the camera that she felt the need to help a brother out.

True story.

Ryden 025

Lately we have been letting the juice boxes and beer bottles get together and have parties at our house. We let the older children run around and stay up WAY past their bedtimes, the babies crawl around and make messes, the Dads drink beer, and the Moms talk in the kitchen. Everybody wins.

And if the Dads are really lucky, the ladies will have talked about their boobs enough at support group that breastfeeding, breast pads, and nipple cream won't even come up in conversation. If not, we know that we can always look forward to our Wednesday group meeting.

All are welcome to attend, pending you have the proper tie-dyed attire.


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