Comparing cousins

Comparisons between cousins are bound to happen when born close together. Correct? Matt's brother, Josh, has a daughter named Lucy. Lucy was born 11 days before Cora and will forever be forced to compare to Cora.

They both started out looking like little, wrinkled, barely 7 lbs little ladies:

Memorial weekend 046

Cora has always, always been envious of the hair, however.

End of July 2011 015

iPhone 03-07 022

The differences seem larger now. Lucy is walking, eating with her many teeth, and (as if you didn't notice) has a head full of long, silky hair. Cora is a crawling, toothless, big, bald headed baby. Cora is catching up though- she spent most of today walking. She also has three teeth trying to poke through on the top. Unfortunately, there is no hope for the hair. Lucy has her beat.

I can't believe our babies are already a year old. Time certainly does fly.

I will openly admit that I am glad Lucy was born first. Why? Because Simon is the oldest cousin on both sides of our family. He is always the first to do everything. When the cousins do get together, he leads the show. Everything is always his idea and everyone follows behind him. I have always felt pressure as his mother because of this fact. Pressure for him to do the right thing and make good choices.

Now when Lucy and Cora get together and steal Grandma's make-up? We can totally blame Lucy. She's the oldest, after all.

Lucys birthday 004

Happy birthday, Lulu Bird! We love you!


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