1st birthday {in pictures}

So many thoughts that I want to share but sometimes, it is just easier to let the pictures do the talking. Our birthday was a fast, whirlwind of activity. Matt had a death in the family, so the day included an overnight trip to his parents' home. His uncle passed away and so we attended the funeral. While a funeral isn't a fun reason to get together, it was fun to see his family nonetheless.

First up, the birthday girls before we ran out the door for a little birthday shopping down Mass. Street. May birthdays are the best because the weather is (usually) beautiful. Cool mornings, warm afternoons, and plenty of sunshine. Every girl deserves to get flowers for her birthday.


Happy Birthday

The day wouldn't have been complete without a photo shoot when we returned. The night before Cora's birthday, I decided to make her outfit. NEVER AGAIN. I do not craft. Hope she enjoys her pink shirt and bow because next time I am going to Etsy. Screw that. I have like zero patience for such shenanigans.

1st birthday 024

Did I mention Cora Jane is a full time walker? Walk she does which makes taking pictures impossible. IMPOSSIBLE. She does not hold still. Please ignore the nasty rash on her chin. We are (still) recovering from a healthy (ha ha) round of Hand, Foot, Mouth disease.

1st birthday 031

We went to Wichita after school but before we could leave there were presents to open, of course. Cora got a new dress, a wooden push toy, bubbles, a new amber necklace, two balls, and some plastic food. I received an antique camera for decoration, a wooden African mask, new sunglasses, and new flipflops.

We are both officially spoiled rotten.

1st birthday 096

1st birthday 087

Another present of mine included dinner out with Matt. Since we were with the grandparents in Wichita, they kept the kids for us. I debated leaving Cora but she was perfectly happy while we were gone. (Or so they say.) We don't go out on dates often, so it was very fun to be away for an hour.

When we returned, there were more presents. Cora loves to "put on" her new clothes and bows.

1st birthday 128

1st birthday 122

After presents came the best part: CUPCAKES with pink frosting. Like we would offer the princess anything less than the best.  She was in heaven and a messy girl when we finally took the cupcake away.

1st birthday 134
1st birthday 139

One last picture of the birthday girls together. It is shocking that things change so quickly. She was 6 lbs, 12 oz. of skinny, teeny, tiny newborn last year and now she is 20 lbs, 5 oz. of walking, babbling, rolly polly baby. No need to tell you how much weight I gained and lost.

Let's just say that Cora is in the lead.

The birthday girls!

We are having an actual birthday party this weekend. I hope you aren't tired of seeing Cora Jane's picture because we are going to have even more after Saturday. Our closest friends and family are coming to eat supper, sing Happy Birthday, and watch Cora smash some more cake.

I will try my hardest to not cry. I love my baby so very much.

Best. birthday. present. ever.


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