Lordy, lordy

I guess I struggle in writing a Father's Day post because I've said it all before. My kids have the best Dad ever. No, really. They do. Matt is patient and kind and everything that I am not.

Most importantly, he works so hard to adequately provide for our family. He's not famous and nobody knows him around L-town. He's not invited to big parties or followed by 10,000 people on Instagram. It's not what he desires in his heart.

Daddy and C

I am speaking for him (when aren't I?) but I truly believe he mostly desires a happy home. He wants me to be happy. He wants children that are happy. He does not care when they are bouncing off the walls or sliding down the stairs (I do). He isn't constantly worried about what others are thinking or how our boys are behaving (I am always).

He is comfortable with himself. I guess that comes with age? (I'm sorry. I can't help myself.)

He is also so proud of our children.


And, most importantly, he makes me infinitely happy too.


Read other Father's Day posts here: Humdinger in 2011, Father's Day in 2010, This is… in 2009 (a poem! Man, I should write more poems.)

I am feeling inspired. Heaven help me.

Matthew Thomas Pool
is so cool.

He is rather old
but don't tell him I told.

In fact, he's getting close to forty.
Oh Lordy!!

His wife is hot
and he loves her a lot.

She writes poems for him to express her devotion.
and he puts the motion in the ocean.

I'll stop now because my Mother is shaking her head
and it's high time I went to bed.

I love you so very much, MTP.
Aren't you so very glad you have me?


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