Month 13

First up, thank you to everyone for all the love on my new job. I am scared and anxious and thankful to have such a wonderful community of friends. BIG, SLOPPY, UNCOMFORTABLE KISSES FOR YOU.


Since I technically did Cora's Month 12 update two weeks late, it seems strange to be doing another update so soon. Thanks to the wonders of Instagram (follow the feed @thepools), I haven't bothered to get my real camera out in weeks. No big bow picture this month.

Just kidding. Of course, I have a bow picture. How about this orange puff one instead? I love it. Go big or go home. Or the bigger the bow, the better the Mama.


*Weighing in at 21 lbs when fully clothed. I am guessing about a pound of that is bow.

*Shakes her head no to almost every question.

*Sometimes napping once a day. I've been pushing her to stay up, so I can swim alone with the boys. She does better with two naps.

*Is a nightmare to put to bed. Must be rocked and often wakes every 2 hours all night long. So! much! fun!

*Is not at all afraid of the water. Doesn't mind water on her head and will briefly go under. She also loves to play in any water- in the sprinkler, Lizzy's dog bowls, Mama's bathtub or even Daddy's shower.


*Likes to dance and has some sassy moves.

*Still rearfacing and still in the bucket carseat.

*Cora is super friendly with people that she knows. If she doesn't know you, don't even try to talk to her. She'll pull a wet noodle move and refuse to look at you. Still has a thing for the "Davids" in her life. (The neighbor and Hodges.)


*Babbles and talks all day long. Only a few actual words. We've been working on a little bit of sign language but I am mostly too lazy for that.

*Wearing 12 month clothing. She can wear some dresses from last year as tops this year. I LOVE this.

*Lets her opinion be known about what she wants. She "yells" at the boys when they pick her up or take things from her. Still puts Legos in her mouth.

*Loves to be outside. Throws a fit if the kids are outside and she isn't.


*Introduced a sippy cup with milk. She's not a fan. Enjoys making a mess more than actually eating.

*Enjoys making a mess period. She can reach the top drawer in the bathroom but can't see inside. So she spends her time grabbing and throwing everything out. FUN! Also opens the drawers in the kitchen and pulls out the towels and pulls out the diapers from the basket.

*Goes without saying, I love this little girl so much. She recently got some new "shoes," which takes our hippie ways to a new level. Behold her barefoot sandals:

New "shoes" for the baby. #babygirl #summer #gobigorgohome

I'd like about 10 more pairs, please and thank you.


Also random bit of useless information. My 2nd entry EVER on LJ was entitled Bennett's 13 month. It's hard to believe that I've kept this habit for 4 years.


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