Back in action

Oh, hi? Apparently I took a little blogging break. I shipped my big boys off to Grandma's house (and consequently to my sister's house in Colorado) and today is the first time I've opened my computer all week.

It's been a tough week. Having one baby to look after is such hard and tiring work. All the cooking and cleaning and intellectual baby brain building has plum worn. me. out. Just kidding! I am pretty sure I didn't turn the oven on the entire week. Ok, that was a lie. I did turn it on once to make muffins from a mix.

The rest of the time, however? Chinese take-out again? Don't mind if I do.


I also successfully managed to completely clean up my DVR and re-watch the entire last season of Weeds. I really had to adjust my TV watching expectations accordingly. Who can watch 17 episodes of Dateline after a two day Weeds marathon? We can. It helps that the temperature has been a MILLION degrees outside. No, seriously.

Some like it hot, right?


We are going to pick up Simon and Bennett tomorrow in Great Bend and then we are going to hurry back here for the 4th of July. After that, a certain somebody turns 9 years old. (Be still my heart.) While I am pretty sure it's going to be a great week, I am not sure it can top this past week.

I hear the TV (and NOT MY KIDS) (Can I get an amen?) calling my name.



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