4th of July fun

Maybe because summer is my favorite or maybe because it is soooo close to Simon's birthday but I really like the 4th of July. I love the heat. I love the POP of a firecracker. I love the lemonade (preferably the hard kind.)

Due to the crazy burn bans across the entire Mid-west, we chose not to go to Great Bend. I have lived in the Lawrence/KC area for almost 10 years and this is only the 2nd time we've ever stayed here. (The first time we stayed was due to my pregnancy with Simon.) Great Bend likes to go balls out for the 4th. Typically fireworks of all kinds are allowed all day long. Except this year's crazy drought means that all fireworks were banded this year. SAD FACE.

In my mind, it's just not the 4th of July, unless you light stuff up.

July 2012 042

Since fireworks aren't exactly legal here in Lawrence either, we had no choice but to keep it pretty low-key. Mostly blackcats, smoke bombs, poppers, fountains, sparklers, and a few parachutes. We did a few bigger ones at night but not too many. The best news of all is that none of our neighbors called the police on us.


July 2012 030

July 2012 054

Cora Bean was not a fan of the fireworks. She was a sad, sad Panda. At first she did okay but then she became conditioned to the noise. Whenever she heard any LOUD noise, she immediately started crying again and would literally jump into the closest pairs of arms. Unsuprisingly, she spent most of the night in the house.

July 2012 028

It wouldn't be a holiday unless we got in a family shot. Please ignore Cora's sad face. I told you she didn't like the 4th.

July 2012 060

Here's hoping she learns to get it together. The 4th of July is one of our favorite holidays, afterall.


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