9 in 2012

Dear Simon,

So much of my time is spent in the daily grind of raising three small children. Currently comprised of late bedtimes, hot mornings watering the flowers, messy floors that constantly needs sweeping, laundry that needs flipping, swimming pool breaks, and time spent yelling at you. Pick this up! Go downstairs! Leave your sister alone! Your time is spent playing with Legos, rotting your brain with various electronics, reading, and annoying Bennett. It's good to be a kid.

Do you realize how much has changed in my life? It's hard to believe that it all happened 9 yeas ago.  

Baby Simon

July 2012 103

I sometimes SUCK at being your Mom. Let's not even beat around the bush or pretend it isn't true. I yell too much. I blame you when Bennett falls down. I have little patience for your shenanigans and then I tell you to 'go away.' I point my finger and shake my head and threaten to spank your butt as you quickly dart pass me in the hallway.

I want you to stop jumping, to stop showing off, to stop being inappropriate, to stop making noises with your mouth.

It doesn't work. It never works. Even when I threaten and come within two inches of losing it on you. You still bounce and jump and poke Bennett's head when I'm not looking. 

July 2012 077

Oh, Simon. What am I doing to do with you? You and I will forever be bound together, my first born son. Mother and child. The same could be said about you and Bennett. Big brother, little brother. You claim to hate him and that he's "the meanest brother ever." But some day (I hope), you'll be best friends. I'll keep praying about it.

Did you know that I am your advocate? Do you even know what that means? It means I would die for you, Simon Poo. I would fight until the end so that you get the best out of life. I must protect you. Mother and child. Maybe I am too protective, too sensitive to comments made by others, too easily embarrassed by your behavior?

You're just a boy.  A nine year old boy who runs and jumps and laughs his way through life. I hate that I need reminding.

July 2012 126


July 2012 127

So here's to you, Love. Make a wish and blow it out. I wish for another year of learning and growing together. I'm going to do better, I promise. I'm going to yell less and say yes to more ice cream. We're going to play the Wii together, read Harry Potter longer, and go down every single water slide we can find. I am going to love you for you and not who I want you to be. Remind me if I forget. Can you do that for me, please?

Happy birthday, kiddo.

Love you always, all ways,

Previous birthday thoughts here: 6 in 2009, 7 in 2010, and 8 in 2011. (2011 was my favorite post.)


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