Debby downer

Last night, Matt said to me, "Remember when you used to blog?" Um, about that. Here is the thing- my blogging has taken a backseat to the Olympics. Why sit behind the computer when I can watch gymnastics or beach volleyball? And along those same lines, I have also given up "photography."  Who needs an expensive fancy camera when I can just use my cell phone? 

Lame excuse, I know. My apologies to the 10 readers I have out there.

Anyways, the other day (or two weeks ago WHATEVER) we played on a slippin' slide. When I say "we" I really mean "not me" because you know this Big Mama has no desire to throw herself down and slide across wet plastic. It makes my boobies hurt just thinking about it.

July 2012 066

July 2012 067
It was like bowling for babies. Cora refused to stay out of the way.

July 2012 057

July 2012 061

July 2012 085

If there is ever a time when I become depressed, it is now. I love spring and summer. Love it. March through August is my happy time and I live for my daily dose of sunshine. Don't get me wrong, however, I will be the parent SKIPPING OUT OF THE CLASSROOM this time next week.

It just makes my heart sad that summer is almost over.


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