Whining, followed by winning pictures

I'm feeling critical and angry tonight. In fact, it's probably best to not even be blogging so you know, GRAIN OF SALT. With that said, do you ever look around and realize that you're surrounded in ridiculous drama? I am working through issues with too many people right now and the only common denominator in each equation is ME.

CLEARLY, I am the problem.

Right? The truth hurts and that is the truth. Another truth? I talk too much. One more? I get butt hurt all the time. My new life goals are to listen more and quit being OVERLY SENSITIVE all the time. I don't even like organic muffins. I like the kind from a mix where you just add milk. Or even better, the ones from the bakery. From this point forward, I'm going to let go of the things and the people that I can't control. I can only control myself and my reactions. Just don't insult my children, okay? SHOUTY CAPITALS with follow you.

Whatever. LOOK! SQUIRREL! Or as it is, A RAINBOW!


First a rainbow, then that unbelievable sunshine shining down on my perfect, angelic children. Next picture I post is going to be of a freaking unicorn, damn it.

I'm so over having hurt feelings.



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