One and a quarter

Let's talk about something else, what do you say? How about my favorite baby who happens to be one and a quarter now? (For the slower ones in the group, that makes her 15 months.) Let's go with bullet point style too. Lazy working mother is lazy tired writer.

*Cora is weighing in at 22 lbs, 4 oz and is comfortably wearing 12 month clothing. Clothing, however, is highly over-rated in our house. We don't need no stinkin' clothes.


*Cora is plum full of trouble. Most importantly, she learned how to open the glass front door and let herself outside. !!! She can also open the screen door to the back deck. All doors must be locked at all times.

*Only gotten out once unsupervised. Matt found her in neighbor's yard. Let the record state that MAMA WAS WORKING.

*Loves to crawl onto the table, couch, bed, and trampoline. She has no fear of falling. I, conversely, do. We've been extremely lucky so far.


*Can get off the bed and couch easily. Sits down facing forward and on her bottom to go down the stairs. She is much faster backwards, belly down, feet first though. She just likes to give me daily heart attacks.

*Holds hands to walk up the stairs.

*Wants to be engaged with her brothers all the time. If they are outside, so is she. If they are in the basement, you better believe that Cora wants to be there too.


*Increasing expressive language: Mama, Daddy, Mimen (Simon), Lizzy, kitty, hi!, bye with a wave, and many other approximations.

*Much larger receptive language. She understands- give it to me, sit down, go get a ____, get in your chair, put it away, ready to eat?, where's your blankie?, let's change your diaper, and give me five. I'm sure there are many more.

*Scrub a dub dub, two babies in the tub. Bathtime combines two of her favorite things: water and her brothers.


*Nursing is going strongly and we're not thinking about quiting any time soon. If I'm working, she is fine until I return home. Cora Jane has zero interest in bottles of pumped milk. If I am home, she prefers to nurse before and after nap. (And in the morning, before bed, and all night long.)

*Still a pretty slim eater. We continue to offer many choices but let her decide on what she actually eats.

*Currently loves noodles, cheese balls (Think cheetos. I BLAME MATT FOR THIS ONE), corn, cheese sticks, hot dogs, yogurt, and peas.

Breast feeding

*Still fascinated with putting things in her mouth. Daily removal of legos, stickers, rocks, and whatever else she can find to put in her mouth.

*Pretty baby, don't you think? Don't be distracted by the large lady on the wall.

*All photos taken by my cell phone and loaded onto Instagram. I'm addicted I tell you. A.ddic.ted. Follow along @thepools.


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