Season of change

I feel like I have completely fallen off the blogger wagon. Working, getting into the daily school routine, and many other responsibilities seem to push writing to the very back of my very long to do list. I think about writing, I really do. I even write posts in my head while I rock the baby to sleep. But then I think about going to bed at 10:30 instead of midnight or later. Or I sit down to watch TV with Matt. Or I can't put my book down. Or Cora starts screaming and so I go upstairs to nurse her back to sleep.

Basically, my bed/the TV/Cora Jane always wins. But the buck stops here. No more hiding.

Late August 2012 045

Whenever I take a writing break, one of my biggest hurdles is starting up again. I have so many things that I neglected to write about. (Our 9th anniversary!) (Bennett starting preschool!) (The entire summer!) I feel guilty for leaving things out. I even have so many things that I could currently write about. (Labor day weekend!) (The time Bennett fell out of bed and needed stitches!)

Where did I leave off? Where do I pick up?

Late August 2012 033

When I look back at this season of late summer/early fall, I know a big part of not writing can be contributed to me having to work every single day. BOO HOO, right? It's just that work is…work?

And I'm not really used to working outside of the home. I'm used to sitting around my house all day and never getting out of my pajamas. I'm used to Cora's afternoon nap-time and Bennett's "quiet time" while Mama checks Facebook and eats candy corn without sharing. TRUE STORY.

Late August 2012 037

Truthfully, work isn't "bad" but I still hate being away from my home and my babies every day. I have to look nice every day. IT'S JUST NOT FAIR. I shouldn't complain, especially because I really only work 25 (or less) hours a week, but it's a hard adjustment for everyone. Bennett asks me every day if I am staying home. On Friday, I left a screaming baby at the top of the stairs.

Not helpful, Cora Bean. Not helpful at all.

Late August 2012 025

But it will get better. I know it will get better. It just takes time and the daily reminder that this is a learning experience for everyone. All the working Moms in the group are shaking their heads at me.

Sorry, I'll shut up now.

Late August 2012 029
I promise to be back with more this week. Not because you care, but because I do. I don't want to forget this season of change. I also pinky promise not to complain any more either.

Until then, I hear my bed calling. It's 10:34 and I've got to work tomorrow.  


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