Extra leaves, extra blessings

So 9 years and one week ago, I got married. Would you just look at those little love birds? One of us looks about 12. The other one is getting close to 30. I'll let you guess who is who. HINT: I'M NOT EVEN THIRTY YET.  It's hard to believe that we were both once so young and carefree.

9 (NINE!) years ago, I married this young chicken.

The anniversary gift for the ninth year is "willow." While we first talked about planting an actual tree together, we instead settled on a family tree for inside the house. I originally saw this print in my sister in law's kitchen. So, props to Tara for her good taste. Like any good copy-cat, I custom ordered my own print from the Etsy shop, CozyBlue


When I posted this picture on Facebook, there were many comments about the extra leaves. Yes, FINE. I did choose to add a few extra leaves. Can I imagine our family with FIVE children? Absolutely not. Do I want twins? HEAVEN HELP ME. (My family already has two sets of twins.) Can I completely give up the idea of NOT adding another sweet, beautiful, and perfect blessing to our family? No, no I can't. Benefit of having babies so young? I could (hypothetically) have five more kids and not even be 40 years old yet. 


Twitch, twitch goes my ovaries.
Next year, our marriage will be in the double digits. I'm hoping I get a honeymoon to a far, far, far away beach with no children and many fruity drinks. I never got a honeymoon. Something about being 12 years old with a nursing newborn while being a full-time student at KU and a husband with no money? I don't know.

All I know is that I never got a honeymoon with my main squeeze.

I also know that for my 10th anniversary, I don't want any babies nor do I want to be growing any babies. I can't promise as much for the 11th, however. Or that we don't happen to accidentally make one while on our tropical escape. It would be a crime not to try.

I love you, MTP. My love for you is no joke even when you refuse to help me write blog posts. Read more lovey-dovey thoughts here: Ball 'n' Chain, Seven, SIX, and a picture of my gift from 2008. We've come so far, babe. Also, the time is NOW to start saving for our honeymoon. Got it?  Just hide the cash where I can't find it and we'll be good to go.  

Enter "thnx4bingu" in the box at checkout and receive 15% off your order from CozyBlue. You're welcome.


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