Annual butterfly report

It's become one of our family traditions to catch and release Monarch butterflies every September. Last year's annual post was one of my favorite posts ever: B-U-T-FULL not to be confused with butt-full. In 2009, we had bad luck (Butterflies, Beautiful) and only one of our butterflies made it. Our first year was 2008, March of the monarchs and it was then that we got the butterfly bug. (Good thing my photography skills have gotten better each year.)

This year we went all out and tried for triplets again.

Great news! We are expecting... triplets!

This year, we got our chrysalis' from Monarch Watch. It was a little disappointing that they were so close to coming out. We missed the beautiful green stage and were practically black by the time we got our hands on them. Still awesome in their own way, however.

September 2012 048

Photographer FAIL for not getting a picture of everyone all together. I had a few of the emerging butterflies on Matt's iPhone which recently ran into some bad luck. When I say, "ran into some bad luck," I really mean "got smashed in the trunk into a million pieces." Don't worry, his phone only cost $200 to replace!

Pocket change, people. (I'm totally kidding.)

We had a baby!

September 2012 059

September 2012 060

We sent them off to Mexico that afternoon. Here's hoping they make it there alive (and don’t meet any car trunks along the way) which, unfortunately, I can't say the same for Matt's phone.


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