Awesome self

Bennett turned five in August. Bennett started M/W/F morning preschool (again) in September. Bennett (currently) loves preschool. We're still only on day four but the point is SO FAR HE'S LOVING IT.

Amen. Let's all give a hand-clap of praise for that adorably cute kid down front.

September 2012 011

Part of my job requires that I sit on the Early Childhood Council here in town. At a recent meeting, I heard the statistic that only 56% of kids entering the classroom in Douglas county are ready for kindergarten. That means almost half of the kids entering the schools in my area are not ready to be there yet. And I live in highly educated town with a nationally ranked University. We're not talking inner-city Detroit, people. HALF THE KIDS. Isn't that plain shocking? 

As you know, we could have sent Bennett to school but decided to "red-shirt" him for a year. His bonus year, if you will. I just love it when data shows that I am right.

Actually, I just love being right. Regardless of what the data says.

September 2012 012

He just wasn't ready for kindergarten. I'd much rather have a hard 9 months of carting his butt back and forth to preschool then set him up for years of struggle in the classroom. Most importantly to me, his previous preschool teachers reported that Bennett wasn't excited about learning, wasn't willing to take a chance, and was afraid of failure in the classroom.

I care more about those factors than I do about how many letters he can recite or whether he can count to 10.

September 2012 023

The beauty, however, of his new preschool? Is that there are no rules or expectations about what his "work" should look like. He CAN NOT FAIL at the Art Center. It's simply not possible. His arts-based preschool gives him the opportunity to take risks in the safest environment possible. If he wants to color outside of the lines? SO BE IT. If he wants to paint with a fly swatter and pink paint? Great! You can't be wrong when creating art when there is no right way. This is the confidence he needs to learn now so that he can tackle the hard stuff later.  

So go on with your awesome self, Bennett.


Don't be afraid to be original. Data shows that we need more kids like you.


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