For sale

If you saw this on Facebook, then you'll know this is a repeat. If you aren't on Facebook (ahem MOM), then you should know my status update from earlier today:

"A certain 15 month old threw my cell phone in the toilet today. Yay! If we're playing Words with Friends, I call time-out. If you need to reach me, you can call or text Matt. If you are interested in an adorable but naughty toddler, message me for details."

Mid-September 2012 003

Interested buyers: please be aware that Cora Jane does not sleep through the night. Oh, she's actually 16 months old too. (I didn't realize today's date.) She's kinda a "Mama's Girl," but warms up quickly to new people. She's really picky about food and likes to feed the dog from her plate. She does like to eat actual dog food and Lego pieces, however. Also is known to give sloppy kisses especially after she's been naughty. 

In summary: 16 months, wakes often, requires boobs to sleep, eats nothing, and enjoys playing in toilet water….sounds like a perfect deal!

I'm totally not joking about the playing in toilet water either. She chucked my phone straight into the bowl and then put her pretty little hands in to pull it out. The only good news? At least the water was clean. The majorly bad news? We literally JUST bought Matt a new iPhone last week. I don't have an iPhone but maybe this is the opportunity I've been waiting for?


Mid-September 2012 028
I guess we'll see what happens. Maybe, HOPEFULLY, my cell phone will dry out and come back to life tomorrow. If not, we'll go with worst case scenario: feel free to email me offers on that doll baby above. Just know that I'll take nothing less than $200. 

My next (potential) cell phone (iPHONE?) depends on it.

I'm totally kidding, MOM. She's not really for sale. I'm working now to put money into our savings account and to pay off the van. Not to buy fancy new phones. Consequently, if you do need to reach me this week, call Matt. ♥


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