Public service annoucement

You want to know what is NOT awesome? I still don't have a cell phone. Would you like to hear more about my very small but very annoying first world problem? No, you don't? Too bad. It totally sucks to not have a phone. I can't call anybody. I can't text daily with my sisters. I don't even know the weather forecast tomorrow! What if it freezes again? My plants will die.

I might die soon. It's so hard to be me.

Anyways, the phone is supposed to be here this week which means that although today is only Sunday, the week is only going to get better. I'm trying hard to be positive. So let's also remember to treasure our people this week.

Even the rotten ones who throw expensive cell phones in toilets, m'kay?

That is all. Carry on.

Happy Monday, friends. Only five more days until the weekend!

Awesome Print is from Zulily. I'm addicted y'all. Seriously.


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