Month 16

It blows my mind how quickly Cora changes. Time is incredibly cruel that way- stealing away the parts of my baby that I love most. Every day, she becomes more like a toddler and less like a baby. Well, minus the fact that she is yet to grow ANY HAIR or experience any language boom. (Words to date: Mama, Dadee, Lizzy, Imon, Benny, ow, uh-oh, bow, ball, kitty, hi, and bye.) (Pretty sure she had all those words last month.)

As for the other non-development. Hair? Who needs hair?

Babies don't have hair.

Sister siesta(ing) on Sunday.    Nursing in public. Avert your eyes, please.
Matchy-Matchy in stripes and big girl shoes.
Everyone has finally semi-adjusted to me being gone part of the day, which made this past month much smoother for all parties. I usually don't do any work until late afternoon/evening, so it's nice to have my days with C and B. If I do happen to leave during the day, C cries every single time I walk out the door. Nothing breaks my heart more than leaving a crying baby.

(Matt reports that she stops after 10 seconds. Whatever, dude. I still hate working out of the house.)

Nothing makes me happier, however, than watching these two bond when I am home. While Cora clearly adores Simon, she is learning to love Bennett just as much. He's a pretty patient brother as well. She always makes it her goal to find him and be close to him during the day.

 Baby Big Butt's first goal of the day is to find her brothers. She by passed me and headed straight for him. #bigbutt #clothdiapers #brotherlylove    Pansy flats were $2.99. I can't say no to pretty flowers and happy children.
Cora continues to sleep like crap. After my extensive training on sleep and brain development for my work, I have fully accepted that her brain is now patterned to wake up FOREVER. I'd set a goal for changing her habits, if I wasn't so lazy myself. On a good day, she sleeps from 8:00-8:30 with a few sleep nursings in between and then naps for two hours after lunch. On an average day, she sleeps from 8:30-7:15 with many nursing sessions and naps for an hour after lunch. On a TERRIBLE day, she sleeps from 9:00-7:00 with MANY, MANY nursing sessions, a few crying sessions in the night, and naps only in the car while carting boys to school.

We hate the terrible days.

Proof that a.) Cora sleeps best next to a warm body and b.) that she does occasionally use her crib #rotten #cat
As for eating, Cora continues to try new things. We always encourage her to take a few bites and strive to not stress about food. We've got boobs, so who needs food? For the record, she eats better when it's just Matt and I'm working. We also went out to eat on Saturday night and I refuse to take her out again. She was terrible- she wouldn't sit in the high chair, spilled a glass of ice water in my lap, ate butter straight off the table, tried to crawl onto the table, and threw stuff on the floor.

Good thing this family likes take-out. Who wants Chinese delivery?

Perfect place to play on this peaceful day.   upload

I know a certain bald baby who barely talks and loves brown rice and crab rangoon. If only I had a phone to order!

Some rotten baby threw mine in the toilet.


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