Airshow 2012

Last weekend, we went to the Air Show in Wichita. It was a whirl-wind 24 hour visit. We went down to Wichita on Friday night and after nice, quiet naps in the van, not a single kiddo was tired. SHOCKING. We finally got everyone to bed around midnight and then the boys were up by 6:30 am on Saturday.


They were just a wee bit excited. Mama doesn't do 6:30 am but Grandma and Grandpa do! Yay for that.

Awesome air show. Unless you, like Cora, are afraid of loud noises.

I should have realized that Cora wasn't going to dig the loud noises. She HATED the Fourth of July so it really shouldn't have surprised me that gigantic airplanes would cause the same reaction. Mom fail for not thinking this through.

Sad baby was sad.

2012-09-30 End of September 2012

Bennett didn't really dig it so much either. He was fine and certainly didn't cry and if you ask him now, he'll say that he loved the airshow. But it truthfully was a little bit much for him too, especially the end.

End of September 2012 111

2012-09-30 End of September 20121

End of September 2012 077

End of September 2012 122

Grandpa's are good for tired boys.

The End. Have a happy Friday, friends!


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