I don't know how it happened, but suddenly another season is upon us. I struggle with a love/hate relationship with fall. Mostly I hate it. It's just that summer is so fun! The sun! No schedules! Going to the pool! Pretty flowers! All of my favorite things!  Fall brings cold weather, and wind, and plants that die.

There are things to love about fall. Pumpkins, candy corn, and turning on the fireplace are all good things. My kitchen also looks like a green house because I refuse to let things go.

My kitchen looks like a freaking greenhouse. I hate cold. I hate letting my plants die. I hate messy kitchens the most.

More love and hate things for today. I hate that my babies are growing. Case in point:

Cora Jane, 16 months:

End of September 2012 224

Loves: being outside, her Mama, shoes and bows, making messes, the neighbor's garage, warm baths, drinking out of random cups, hoarding pacifiers, and candy corn. Hates: sleeping, being left behind, and having her nose wiped.

Bennett Patrick, 5 years, 2 months:

End of September 2012 215

Loves: taking his puppy to preschool, ridiculous non-matching clothes, Legos, imitating his brother, 6 inch meatball sandwiches from Subway, and playing Nick Jr. on the computer. Hates: shoes, vegetables, and washing his hair.

Simon Poo, 9 years, 3 months:

End of September 2012 220

Loves: playing games on his cracked screen, used iPhone 3, texting his grandparents, skateboarding, Legos, drawing, setting the controls on the DVR to record random shows, and watching (his favorite) Tanked on TLC. Hates: homework, the dark, and having his dorky Mom take his picture.

What about you? What are you currently loving and hating?


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