Love language

A few weeks ago, like all good time wasted on the Internet, I was clicking around and happened to find a quiz on love languages. For those unfamiliar with the book, Love Languages, the most basic idea is that we all give love and feel loved different ways.

We can feel loved through: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and/or physical touch.

Here go take the quiz now: The 5 Love Languages

September 2012 081

While I already had an idea of how I feel loved (quality time! receiving gifts!), I was completely surprised by what Matt reported to me. You know that I was going to force him to take the quiz, right? I had to know! What if I could love him a different way that didn't involve thethingweshallnotmetion since this is a family blog and my most regular readers include my family. 

(When I say "my most regular readers" I mean "my entire extended family.")

Anyways, without revealing too much personal information, I am LOVING how this new found knowledge has changed my relationship with Matt for the better. For example, if you popped into our kitchen, you might hear me say something like, "Matt, you did a great job unloading the dishwasher."

Or after eating supper, "I really like how you made a happy plate, darling."

Or perhaps when he gets dressed for work, "Bow-chicka-wow-wow," might slip off my lips.

Or after arriving safely at the grocery store, "Wow! Thanks for driving us to run errands without causing any accidents! You're such a good driver."

September 2012 082

Or my all time favorite, "I can't wait to blog about this. I get to use my words to tell the whole world how much I love you. I just bet you're going to love it."


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