Who me? Yes, you.

I don't consider myself a professional photographer. Sure, I like to take pictures. In fact, I really enjoy taking pictures of my family and my close friends. But I don't think of myself as a real, genuine "photographer."

One time I saw one of those funny e-card picture thingys that said, "When complimenting a chef, you would never say "Wow! You must have a great stove." (It was way funnier/more sarcastic than that.) Anyways…I think the same thing applies here.

People tell me that all the time, "Wow! You have a great camera!" Yes, true fact, I do have a really nice camera. It is also the cheapest, most basic DSLR on the market. Since you're such a good cook, you clearly must have a great stove.

More importantly? I have a basic understanding of composition, light, and depth of field. I don't claim to be an expert by any means. (Like how to edit and white balance? No clue.) I know just enough to take pictures for the 'ole blog or for the occasional silly stuff. Like, for example, that time I submitted my favorite black and white pictures to our local newspaper, the LJWorld.

Made the newspaper this morning. Obviously it is going to be a good day. #famous #haha

Oh what's that? The picture I submitted of my nephew was used for THE PRINT EDITION of the local newspaper on Sunday? Well, hotdog.

Here is a link to the article: Behind the Lens and here is a link to the photo gallery of images that other area "photographers" submitted: Gallery of Images. (You might recognize another familiar face. I submitted two of my favorite pictures.)

I guess I am a photographer after all.


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