Hit and run

Mondays are my long days- meaning I like to work as much as possible since Matt is home all day (and awake!) with Cora Jane and Bennett. If I have to work 25 hours a week, I like to get a big chunk done right away. While work is going much better, it is still work. I'd rather be at home. And so yesterday was a really crappy day.

First of all, somebody crashed into the van. Hit and run style and it wasn't until Matt got home from running errands that I happened to notice the large dent on the bumper and scratched paint. Matt was thrilled, to say the least. When I say "thrilled," I really mean "not at all." And when I say "not at all," I really mean "really really ticked off."  

He looked nothing like this picture. This is happy Matt and happy model child. I like happy Matt.

October 2012 013

We filed a police report, obviously, but we will have to pay to get 'ole Whitey Tighty fixed. We're never going to be debt free at this rate. I mean, who doesn't love spending extra money on car repairs? 

Second crappy thing: after a long day of working, I was playing outside with the kids. (An aside: What is up with this amazing and beautiful weather? 80 degrees in October? Don't mind if I do.) Anyways, I was outside with the kids.

We looked kinda like this:

October 2012 088

Except instead of a random field, I was sitting on the concrete creating chalk monsters with Bennett. While I wasn't paying attention, Cora managed to grab my cell phone. You know where this is going right? One small swing of Cora's arm left me with one GIANT cracked screen on my cell phone. The good news is that the phone still works and that Matt ordered a new piece of glass to replace it.

The bad news is that she threw my cell phone. On the ground. Outside. It's like a hit and run only worse. Girlfriend didn't run. She laughed. I know, right? My new phone lasted a grand spankin' two weeks. At least the toilet wasn't involved?

Bless her.

October 2012 009

Thank you, Cora Jane. I love nothing more than spending money on cell phones. Just kidding.

I love paying for hit and run accidents even more.


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