Halloween dinners {2011}

I have this thing about Halloween. Wait, scratch that. It's not just Halloween. The thing is: it tickles me to pieces to please my kids. You know when you're out shopping and you see something that you just know your lover/mother/brother/sister will just love? And then you buy the thing (or do the thing) because you just can't wait to show (or share) with them?

I am addicted to that feeling. Just like I can't hear an airplane without stopping to point it out to Bennett. I live to make my boys happy. Twenty years from now, my kids will have a long list of all the ways I failed them and all the ways I let them down. I am sure they will remember all the times I yelled. Or all the time I spent looking down at my phone.

And when they do remember that stuff, I hope they also remember the good stuff too. Like how Mama always came through on Halloween. It's become a family tradition, after all.

Eyeball eggs:

October 2011 069

Directions: boil eggs, let cool, mash the yolk, and add green food coloring along with mustard and miracle whip. Add a black olive, a red hot, and a little bit more food coloring. I used a tooth pick to add the red lines.

Bat Wings:

October 2011 044

Directions: cook chicken wings according to your taste. Add black food coloring to bbq sauce and two red hot eyes. Make sure to laugh along with your child. It's good for you, even if the artificial dye is not.

October 2011 047

The Ribs of Some Young Boy:

October 2011 058

Directions: bake ribs according to your taste. Add a red pepper and a large knife. Tell ghost stories.

These are photographs from last year that I never got around to sharing. Here is what we ate in 2010: Mummy Meatloaf, Coffin Mac'n'Cheese, and Pumpkin Pancakes. There are hundreds of other ideas online. Google "halloween dinners" or search Pinterest for more inspiration. I'm not creative enough to come up with this all on my own.

This week, we've enjoyed Bierock Monsters, Spider Rolls, and the nastiest fish/monster/thingy ever. I am going to (hopefully) post those pictures next week.

Until then, go forth, have fun, and eat something silly. Mama said so.


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