Halloween dinners {2012}

Here are some more fun dinners and snacks that we've enjoyed this past week. I was going to put these in separate posts because I managed to capture a bunch more pictures on my phone. Unfortunately, I am operating without a cell phone again.

Remember when Cora Jane, the sweet and darling baby girl that she is, broke the screen? Yesterday Matt went all MacGyver on me and tried to replace the screen using a YouTube video, a paperclip, and a piece of glass from New Jersey. Needless to stay, the home button no longer works and it won't charge. Awesome.

In related news, MacGyver bought me a LifeProof box. Maybe in 2013, I will actually get to use it.

Monster bierocks:

Dinner, Day 1: monster beirocks!

Directions: have your own dashingly handsome husband make bierocks and dress it up like a monster. This particular one has candy corn hair, a carrot mouth, cabbage arms, and candy eyes. The possibilities are endless for this idea. I added ketchup, strawberries, lettuce, and cheese to different ones.

Dead Fish:

Taking gross to a whole new level: pork loin, wrapped in bacon, with spaghetti teeth, fake knife, and ketchup blood. Dis.gus.ting. #gross #halloween

Directions: gross right? Wrap a pork loin in bacon and freeze. Line a pan with foil and bake. To create the mouth, cut a wedge and stick small pieces of spaghetti inside for teeth. Top with a fake knife (from the dollar store), a candy eye, and some ketchup. Original idea from I Make Projects.

Simon loved this one. I thought it looked terrible. You should just be thankful that I can't show you the 134 other pictures I took.

Oreo (Eye) balls:

Oreo (eye) ball snacks. Happy Friday, friends.

Directions: Crush a package of Oreos and mix with 8 oz of cream cheese. After allowing the mixture to cool, roll into balls and drop into melted chocolate. Top with candy eyes and red food coloring.

Happy Halloween, friends. Only three more days to cause a ruckus.

Side note: As I was looking for the bierock recipe, I found this: Halloween Dinners via 2009. Sometimes I forget all that is stored here. I need to make a blog book.


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