Halloween {one week later}

So what's new? A little break and now I am back to share our Halloween fun. Please ignore the fact that Halloween was already a week ago. The good news is that I've already taken down our Halloween decorations. I'm not behind with everything, Mom. Did you take down your decorations yet?

What do a ninja, zombie doctor, and a baby bear have in common?

halloween 2012 079

halloween 2012 082

Absolutely nothing. This year their costumes had zero, zitch, NADA in common with each other. And I was completely okay with that.

halloween 2012 077

Cora Jane didn't get a say in her costume choice, obviously. She was my Baby Bear. All three of my babies (plus two of my nephews) have worn this costume. This was the first year to add a pink bow. I big puffy heart the costume and her.

Previous Halloween fun: 2011 (Wee baby Cora!), 2010 (no post- sickly pregnant), 2009 (plus a bonus post), and 2008. (Look! It's Baby Bear Bennett!)


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