No big deal, yo

Whoa! Nothing like a little blogging break, eh? I realize nobody cares but me but MAN…I miss this place when I am away. I feel like I have no time. No time to blog. No time to call my friends (KRUSTY HEAD- I'M TALKING TO YOU.) No time to do the things I enjoy.

So, Thanksgiving? It was good. I took zero pictures. I watched movies (not one but two!) with Matt while we lounged around Grandma's house. We went to Grandma's house for the holiday because, sadly, our house is totally out of commission.

It's just that we had a minor flood last week. No big deal.

1.Do you see the white lines in the picture? Yesterday it RAINED in my basement because of a broken pipe. I came home to standing water in the bathroom, kitchen, and to rain in the basement. Today the clean up and throw out continues. I am thankful for the  2 Goodbye oak!! My husband is bad ass.
3.upload 4.Welcome home! Project "oh shit" resumes. Goals for today: get rid of the fifteen dryers, pick a paint color for the cabinets, and (hopefully) pull up the carpet.

1. White lines = water pouring into the basement. POURING WATER INSIDE MY HOUSE. I read once that in an emergency, people don't respond because their brain is trying to make sense of what is happening. I totally stood still and watched the water stream down the walls before I was able to move.

2. Up goes the fake wood floor. Underneath we found more puddles.

3. We also found "organic growth" on the floor. When is organically grown not good? When it's referring to mold IN DA HOUSE.

4. 15 air dryers, 3 dehumidifiers, and 72 hours did the trick of (mostly) drying everything out.

So, now my house is currently a giant mess of dust, broken tile, holes, carpet remnants and, most regrettably, not a single Christmas decoration is in sight. THANK GOD for insurance and good insurance at that. We've got big plans for our little space- including solid maple flooring and finally tackling (aka painting) the kitchen cabinets.

Goal goodbye oak is in full force. I suppose I can thank Matt for accidentally forgeting to turn the valve off on the diaper sprayer.  It's like I am getting a brand new house out of the deal. And the next time I find a lake of water in my kitchen and see water pouring through a ceiling, I will have an appropriate response. HINT- DON'T STAND AND WATCH. DO SOMETHING.

If I disappear for two weeks again, assume it's because I am buried in paintbrushes, sand paper, dirty (un)helpful children, nail guns, and maybe a few Christmas decorations if I am lucky. Of course we're doing all the repairs ourselves. We made the mess, so we're cleaning it up too. I sure hope I don't disappear because I really do love this place. I love blogging our adventures and misadventures too.

Almost as much as I love my organically grown home.   



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