Do a happy dance

18 (almost 19) months later and guess who is finally deciding to grow some hair? Oh the irony of the whole situation. Both my boys had hair. Not a ton of hair but definitely more than this little lady.

December 2012 123

Ok fine! It certainly looks more like a mullet than anything but still HAIR. We've got some! Or maybe we just call this a glorious rat tail? Whatever. Everything (well, almost everything) about her makes me happy. (Sleeping through the night would be AWESOME.)

I'm happy even though I fail at blogging. My kitchen is (literally) in pieces. My cabinets are half painted. We have no flooring (and nothing ordered yet). I haven't purchased a single Christmas present or ordered any Christmas cards. The weather has been awesome and we put up a Christmas tree despite the giant mess surrounding us. We've got insurance money on the way. I have a picture of how I want it all to look.

December 2012 125

Everything is going my way. 

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