Ugly Sweater Run

I think it's part his personality plus part encouragement from his family but Simon has taken a pretty big interest in running lately. The record should be clear that I DON'T ENJOY THE RUNNING. Uh-uh. No, thank you. BIG HEAD SHAKE NO. I don't like to sweat and I certainly don't like to run. The closest you'll see me running is to the car when I'm late which, sadly, happens entirely (read: every day) too often. So this running interest? Not from me.

His good looks? You better believe it. The desire to make your chest hurt and legs feel like jelly? Not so much.

Just this fall, Simon completed his first school marathon by running 26.2 miles after school every Wednesday afternoon. Typically it takes him all of the fall season and part of the spring. This year his goal is to get another marathon completed during the spring season. This drive? Again NOT FROM ME.

We also can't forget that we "ran" the Color Run in October. This month's big running adventure? The Ugly Sweater Run with his Uncle Josh and Matt.

The course was a 5k and Simon ran almost the entire course with Josh. Josh reported that they walked twice during the race but ran the majority. Sadly, Daddy couldn't keep up with the young crazies. He finished, of course, just not quite as fast. I thought it VERY FITTING that his fake 'stache came in gray.

Simon had an absolute blast out on the course and really enjoyed playing with the fake snow after the race. I really enjoyed watching him run. (I may or may not have actually missed the finish. I was on the playground with the other two.) Anyways the key word here is watching.

I enjoy watching him run. I enjoy celebrating his success.

And his dance moves too. I enjoy watching his dance moves. Maybe he did get something from me after all. 

I swear to be a better blogger this week. I have an updated kitchen and house post. More Elf on the Shelf shenanigans and out-takes from our not yet arrived Christmas cards. #ifailatblogging


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