Kitchen update

Remember a month ago when we had a minor house flood? We're STILL not all back to normal yet. Turns out house floods are the equivalent to house fires in terms of damage and personal items lost and clean up. True story.

The process could be going slightly faster, however, if I didn't feel paralyzed about making decisions. I SUCK at stuff like this because of my gigantic (and slightly out of control fear) that I might make the "wrong" choice. (Mama doesn't like to be wrong.) Be it flooring, paint samples, or even knobs on the cabinets. I struggle. Laid-back and easy is not my way. Oh no. I have to fret and paint sample colors on the wall and trust random strangers on the Internets for advice.

Thoughts on a cabinet color? I think the bottom color is too white. The middle matches the door and the top is whiter. I suck at these decisions.

We went with the top choice when we finally got down to painting the kitchen cabinets, by the way. I know it looks white in the picture but it's really not. The color is called Artist Canvas and it's a Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint. If it chips up and looks like shit, well too bad. It has taken us WEEKS to pull down all the cabinets, sand, de-gloss, prime, and paint three coats on everything.

Coat #1 is done. I am ready to have my kitchen back again. Top half is almost done. Disregard the bottom. Open cabinets are in style, right?

As for a kitchen wall color, we ended up painting everything the same color as the living room. I've never been very happy with the blue but too scared to make any change. I had a hard enough time deciding on a color in the first place. (If you recall, it took forever for us to even paint the living room. Here's a refresher of the living room color.) It's another Behr Premium Plus Ultra called Macchiato.

Walls painted, floor is in and ready to be installed. #vscocam

I know that is a terrible picture but it gives you an idea of how everything is coming along. If you're shocked by the state of my floors, well then WELCOME TO MY LIFE. We've been living on sub-floors for a month now. After a long and healthy debate and many (many!) trips around town, we ended up ordering this maple flooring in the maple syrup finish. Thank goodness my Dad was able to order it at the wholesale price. Dads are the best, eh? 

Here is what we have left to do: finish painting the cabinets, install the hardwood floor, install the tile in the bathroom/laundry room, replace/re-hang all the trim, fix the holes in the wall, apply felt protectors to the furniture, and order an area rug. I promise to take real pictures with my camera once the whole thing is said and done. It's going to be beautiful when it's finally finished. 

The bad news is that, unfortunately, none of this will be finished until the New Year has started. The good news, however, is that I only have one decision left to make. (Picking an area rug.) After that, if you ask me to make ANY housing decisions, the answer will be NO WAY. 

I'm done with house projects for 2012. 


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