My night job

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Hmmm…I wonder what Audrey does for a day (afternoon/evening) job?” You know, after I have spent my morning and afternoon chasing after these rowdy children? No? You haven’t thought that before?

Christmas and kitchen 191

I work for Lawrence Parents as Teachers. We provide services for families with children ages 3 and under who reside in the Lawrence Public School district area.

  • Q: What does Parents as Teachers do?
  • A: Using research-based curriculum, we partner with parents providing support, skills, and knowledge they need to help them make the best decisions regarding their child’s development and education.
  • Q: What services are included?
  • A: We provide home visits (about 10 per year) to help you learn about child development, playgroups for parent-child interaction, developmental, health, vision, and hearing screenings and informational resources for parents.
  • Q: Are there requirements families must meet to receive your services?
  • A: We serve all families with children prenatal to age 3. More than half of the families we serve have one or more risk factors, such as a low income, single parents or teen parents, and low birth-weight babies. But we believe that parents are the first and best teacher of their children, so we provide support for parents of all incomes.
  • Q: How do the services benefit children?
  • A: Research has found that most children who have been through PAT’s program are significantly more advanced in language, social development, problem solving and other intellectual skills. Our program has been found to reduce placement in special education and lower the incidence of abuse and neglect.
  • Q: How do you learn about PAT in your area?
  • A: Contact your local school district. If you are a local Lawrence friend, you can ask me directly. I can enroll any family with children under the age of three to participate. Who wouldn’t love having me come over and gush about your adorable, charming, delightful baby?
Christmas and kitchen 221
I’m trying really hard to be really good at my job. Honestly. I want to be good at this ‘parent educator’ gig. I want to help parents be better, smarter, more lovable parents to their babies through education and support. I still have so much to learn.
The irony of the situation is that I am not a perfect parent. No way. No sir. I hope my families understand that. I have kids that back talk (SIMON)  and can’t be bothered to pick up after themselves (BENNETT) and COMPLAIN ALL THE TIME (BOTH OF THEM). I have a baby (who is hardly a baby anymore and is ALMOST two) that refuses to eat (most) foods and doesn’t sleep through the night without nursing and has very little expressive language.
Now, if only I knew somebody that could come over and help me.
Then I’d really be good at my night job.

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