House tour 2013: our kitchen

We are still plugging away on making house updates since The Great Flood of 2012. I thought I would share some semi-updated pictures of the kitchen. I’ve already changed some things since I took these pictures anyways. I’m behind with life. Always.

The before, taken in August 2010, and shortly after we moved in:

Kitchen 042

The after, taken in January 2013, roughly 2.5 years after moving in:

January 2013 012


January 2013 037


January 2013 020


The process of painting cabinets is a long and drawn one and requires lots of patience. This isn’t going to be a ‘how to’ post. Google that shit, man. I will, however, give you our quick and dirty version cause I am nice like that. First, we removed everything and did a quick sanding of the cabinet doors and faces. Note: You will have a nice layer of sand covering EVERY SURFACE IN YOUR HOUSE. Next we wiped everything down with a deglosser. Finally, we added three (THREE!) coats of Behr Premium Plus Ultra in Artist Canvas. Paint, wait, paint, wait, paint, wait. REPEAT.

Start to finish: over three weeks. Partly because I could only work when Cora was napping and/or sleeping. Also because Matt works full-time and does need to sleep a little.

I love how it turned out and I am 100,000 times happier with my kitchen. The wall color is the same as our living room  (pictures pre-new floor). The cabinets are a nice creamy color and are (so far) holding up really well. It definitely gets dirty but I think it’s because I have the world’s dirtiest roommates. We have had a couple of chips already but they are mostly contained to the counter top edge. I do believe that new (cough, cough granite in my dreams cough) countertops will fix that problem. Cora also decided to take a nice bite out of the edge.

I live with animals, people.

January 2013 033

Another big change is that we decided to take down the kitchen table. I can’t decide if it is too weird or not. Right now I just like the big, open feel plus it gives us the excuse to eat at the formal dining room table instead of on the stools. My hobby is moving furniture around, so we’ll see how long it lasts this way. We haven’t done anything with the random too long light fixture yet.

Here is the other wall. We still need to repaint the trim around the chalkboard wall. And we are working on staining ALL the trim to match the new floor for the entire downstairs. We had stain created at the paint store but (like everything) home repairs take time.

January 2013 042

The to-do list (stain and hang the trim, fix the light fixture, buy countertops (ha ha), pick a back splash, find a new chair for the computer, continue replacing the outlet covers) just never ends.


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