Harry Potter Wanna-Be

It started after Christmas. I’m not sure what changed but suddenly, Bennett has decided that he is no longer happy to sleep in his bed. It seems, however strangely, that he prefers to sleep outside his bedroom door and on the floor.

Actually he likes to sleep not just on the floor, no that would be silly. He wants to sleep on the floor and right on the verge of death. AKA THE EDGE OF THE STAIRS.

I walked out of nursing Cora down and found this: sleeping Bennett with his lovies. He is about 3 inches from the edge.
Our night time routine is this:  take baths, brush teeth, read books, and then the Bigs go to bed. Next, the adults go downstairs to do adult things- eat junk food on the couch without sharing, read various blogs, and watch TV without canned laughter or animated characters.

You know, the usual. We lead such exciting lives.

It seems that Bennett just can’t stand to be away. You know where this is going right? Why settle for the top of the stairs when you can just sleep ON THE STAIRS?

Apparently his bed wasn't comfortable enough. #thiskidisridiculous

Looks comfy? No?

How about this position?

Bennett Patrick- the boy who sleeps on top of the stairs, like Harry Potter in reverse. #thiskidisridiculous #harrypotter

Bennett Patrick: the boy who sleeps on top of the stairs, like Harry Potter in reverse.

Just in case you didn’t notice, he is wearing the same pants but the two previous pictures were taken on two completely different nights.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain. The kid LOVES us. He just wants to be near his fabulous parents. And, granted, at least most of the time he’s wearing pants when he goes to bed even if he’s not actually in bed.

Sweet dreams, Benn-butt.

Sweet dreams, Bennett Benn-Butt the Harry Potter wanna-be.

Sweet, sweet dreams.


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