Big news {updated}

She usually wakes up around midnight and slips into my bed. She snuggles down and sticks her bum up into the air. There is no crying. There is no nursing. Just sweet, sweet sleep.

January 2013 153

January 2013 154

I thought for sure that she would start eating food better now that the 24/7 Boobie Bar is closed for business from 8-5. So far, no such luck. She takes her milk (from the tap) during the day and fasts from food until I leave for work in the afternoon and evenings. Girlfriend is a smart cookie. Why eat when she can manipulate Mom for milk?

For the record, I try to feed her solid food. I really do.

January 2013 210

It’s a darn good thing she’s cute.


PS. A friend recently asked me why (with raised eyebrows and a slightly suggestive tone) I changed my blog name to House of Pool and away from Pool, Party of 5. Why? Because I wasn’t crazy about that blog name. No, there is no Pool, Party of 6 announcement to be had. Will there be some day? I have no idea. I know that some women have that DONE feeling.

I don’t have that yet.

I do have adorable children that all sleep through the night and that, my friends, makes me feel like I could do the newborn thing all over again is the best feeling in the world.


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