Plant tour 2013

I have a thing for plants. Actually, I have a small love affair with plants. I see a garden or nursery along the road and I beg to stop. I browse the plant section at Home Depot every time we are there. (We are there a lot too.) I take cuttings off plants found at random places, like Matt’s work, and start new ones.

I just counted; I have fourteen planted pots around my house. 14. Seems like a lot, no? How about a house tour of my green babies? Doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun?! Give me a break. It’s FEBRUARY, people. I’m pretty positive that nothing fun or good happens between January through mid-March. Basically, what I’m saying is that it’s a slow news day.  When I say “news” I really mean “blog.” It’s slow going in the winter.

Plant tour it is.

First up, my favorite! Matt bought it for me for our 9th anniversary last year. It’s called “African Mask” (google also tells me it is called Alocasia ) and is so appropriate since I have a lot of African themed decor. Speaking of anniversaries, this year is our 10th. I know Matt set the bar really high last year by getting me a plant, but THIS IS THE YEAR THAT I WANT A HONEYMOON.

No pressure or anything, Love.

January 2013 194

This little guy on the right is a Spider plant. I currently have more than one of these guys growing right now. (Note that all my plants are male. I don’t know why but they are.) See also: African decor courtesy of Grandpa’s repeated safari trips.

January 2013 078

Last week, we went shopping for some new rugs. I found this hanging basket clearanced out at Pottery Barn and immediately decided I needed it for my house. I think that technically it was designed to hold fruit or dry goods like onions but I don’t even care. MORE PLANTS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ‘BOUT. It’s like a sickness. I can’t say no to the green stuff.

Feb 2013 048

Feb 2013 043(Spider plant and a fern. Both brand new babies.)

Next: the mighty Philodendron. He can last through anything and is especially droopy when he’s thirsty.  Plants have a language and you have to learn to speak it. I like a plant that let’s me know what he wants.  I really, really like it when the language is BLATANTLY OBVIOUS. Droopy leaves = more water.

No prob, Bob.

January 2013 026
Finally, my (second) favorite plant of the night is Mr. Ficus Tree, also known as a Weeping Fig. Just kidding, Fig. There is no reason to cry! You’re all my favorites. I’ve had this particular ficus tree for almost two years and it is doing great. In the spring and summer, the tree goes out onto the deck. There is always a bit of an adjustment when it’s time to bring the tree inside for the season.
I know how you feel, Fig. I hate winter too.
Feb 2013 079
As evidenced by the fact that I just blogged about my plants. I think we’ve reached an all time low here at House of Pool. SPRING COME SOON. MAMA IS GOING CRAZY.

The good news is that I’ve got more plants to share tomorrow.

(I know you’re excited.)

(You can’t hide your glee from me.)

(I can see it written all over your face.)


5 thoughts on “Plant tour 2013

  1. I actually love this, because I like knowing what other plants people grow inside (or bring inside for winter, besides the ones I have). Also, because you need to do a home tour! And I like seeing little bits of your cute house.

    Because what-the-hell, Maile’s asleep, I counted mine, too. 17 plants in the house right now. Sweet Jesus, I’m a plant lady. When did that happen?

    PS – Your pictures are puuurty.

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