Valentine treats

It should come as no surprise that I love any excuse to have a good time. So, a few days before Valentine’s Day? Bring it on, Lover. Let’s have a good time.

feb 2013 009

Peanut Butter Blossoms with a Dove chocolate heart center. Don’t mind if I do.

(Just ask my muffin top and she’ll agree.)

Simon has conferences this week (and thus no school), so his Valentine’s party was today. I am the 3rd grade representative Room Parent, and so my team turned to Pinterest and found these: “Fruit” Parfaits.

feb 2013 018

Bottom: half a cupcake. Pink: equal parts vanilla pudding, whip cream, and vanilla yogurt dyed pink. White: whipped cream. Also? No real “fruit” to be found.

Repeat the layers and finish with a drop of whipped cream and some candy hearts.

feb 2013 019

Everything is better with sprinkles.


Cora has been throwing up (with a fever and the worst diapers known to man “other things”) since Sunday evening and Bennett started throwing up tonight. Luckily, I was out of the house for the synchronized vomiting portion of the evening. #myhusbandisarockstar

Pray that I don’t get sick. Mama don’t have time for that.

I’ve got more Valentine treats to create and there is more fun to be had.


One thought on “Valentine treats

  1. Are we really calling those “fruit parfaits”? It’s a cupcake. With pudding and whipped cream. I missed the fruit part. But more importantly, yours look better than the original and they look AMAZING!

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