Love letters

Dear Bennett,

Thank you for the Valentine card that Daddy and I received in the mail yesterday. It was so sweet of you (and your preschool teachers) to create such a wonderful and thoughtful card. For the record, I am never, ever going to throw it away. Sometimes I trash your artwork when you aren’t looking, the artwork that you create at the art center preschool that you love so much, the artwork you create at the preschool that you attend THREE mornings a week because you cried at EVERY SINGLE DROP OFF LAST YEAR.

This little card is not going in the trash, no sir. This one, Sweet Boy, is a keeper.

Just opened the mail to find this Valentine from Bennett.

You will thank me later, I’m sure!


Ps: Mama always knows best, Pumpkin!


Dear Simon,

I love you so much. I know that sometimes I am a yeller and sometimes I lose my patience with your endless bouncing and stories. I know that I sometimes scream when I have to remind you to PICK UP YOUR SHOES AND BRUSH YOUR TEETH AND GO MAKE YOUR BED I’VE ALREADY TOLD YOU TWICE. Also? I AM NOT THE MAID. I’m sorry, Simon. I am wrong to yell. How can I make it better?

The ability to ask for forgiveness and really mean it is a trait that will serve you well. You should always remember to accept responsiblity and say you are sorry when you wrong someone.

photo (1)

In fact, I can even forgive you for finding this picture on the Internet and setting it as MY contact picture on YOUR phone. I can see how it was an easy mishap and how you thought it might slightly resemble my disposition. You were wrong. It’s okay because it was a mistake. You can make it better by deleting this picture and finding another one. Maybe a picture with little pink hearts and rainbows?


PS. I was shouting just then because it is true. I LOVE YOU, kid. I LOVE YOU SO VERY VERY VERY VERY MUCH.


Dear Cora Jane,

When you grow up, the boys will say that “Cora got away with everything.” They will probably be right. You should use this to your advantage and continue to do the rotten things you do- like climbing onto the counter to turn on the water and scribbling with a permanent marker under the bathroom sink.

You’re only (almost) two once, girl.

Well played, January. #noshoes #theweatherisconfused #vscocam

Rock on with your naughty self,


Dear Matty,

This year is our 10th year of marriage. Can you believe it’s been ten years? You work so hard to provide for our family and have done so since the beginning. How many men can claim that they put down an ENTIRE hardwood floor, tiled a bathroom, and tiled a laundry room all by themselves and with minimal help? Not very many, that is for sure.

It took many FULL MOONS to get the job completed but BABY GOT BACK, MAN. You completed the job.

Translated in Germany to mean "builder's/mansoner's cleavage." In other news, the laundry floor is being finished today! #yay! #plumbersbutt #babygotback #truestory

I’m so proud of you,
Audrey Lynne

PS. I hope to celebrate another 10 years of bliss and grow very old together so just remember that crack kills, okay?

PPS. Have you seen my pencil? I have misplaced it.


Dear Readers,

Thank you for coming to read my words. Thank you for the comments you leave and for the notes on Facebook. Thank you for following me along from my move off Livejournal. Blogging is fun because you are here. Y’all are the best, seriously.

Don’t be afraid to share the link,

PS. Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope the person who loves you the most writes you a love letter as well.

PPS. No pressure, Matt.

PPPS. Maybe if you do find my pencil, Matt, you could use it to write me a love letter? Just a thought. Maybe it could be like Bennett’s card only better?


2 thoughts on “Love letters

  1. Dear Audrey,
    I found the pencil! It was right where you left it.
    Happy Valentines Day! After 10 years of marriage you still push me to be a better man. You are an amazing woman, mother, and wife. You keep the House of Pool in tip top shape. Here is to 10 more years and all the crack you can handle!
    Love you with all that I am.

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