Sick babies

We are just coming off an entire week of sickness. It started last Sunday with Cora Jane. By Tuesday evening, Bennett had caught the bug as well. Extreme vomit, diarrhea, fevers, and lethargy ruled our week.

This little lady is sick, sick, sick today. Man down! Ya'll my babies are dropping like flies. #sicknessgetouttamyhouse #lastmanstandingisthewinner #vscocam Optimistic on Day Four: no vomit. Downside: still no energy or appetite. Cora is acting a wee bit better. (She is on day six and hasn't thrown up yet!) #sicknessgetouttamyhouse #vscocam Sick bed, day five. So many things planned are not gonna happen today. #sadface #poorbabies #vscocam


It was pretty awful. There wasn’t much we could do to help either baby feel better or anything that we could do besides provide plenty of back rubs and sick beds. The low point happened when Bennett appeared dehydrated and the on call nurse instructed us to give him one teaspoon of water every 15 minutes or so. I truly thought we might end up in the ER. He was so sad and pale and wouldn’t move out of his bed.

Bennett hardly ever stops moving, so I knew he felt really bad. He basically went from his bed, to the couch, to our bed, and then back to his bed for 5 days straight.

Thankfully, I never worried as much about Cora because she continued to nurse throughout the entire week. She threw it up every. single. time. but she still nursed. (Related: we are now working on sleeping through the night again. Ugh.) Yay boobs!

Everyone is currently well again and amazingly, Simon and Matt and I appeared to have missed the bug. THANK GOD because my Mother Heart could not stand to take another round of worry.


One thought on “Sick babies

  1. Guh. My sympathies! This year seems particularly bad for the stomach ick. Both my kidlets got it, then I got it (though fortunately not as badly). My husband seems to have avoided it (so far) but he’s feeling like the last man standing. Hope Bennet and CJ continue to feel better and the rest of you avoid it.

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