S(no)w thank you

So perhaps you’ve heard? There is a big snow storm coming our way?

mid-feb 2013 003

The news has been all over with different totals. I’ve seen reports that say to expect 4″ while others say to expect 15″. I am pretty sure my kids have never seen 15″ of snow. In fact, it only snowed ONE time last year. (My how Cora has grown since then!) I still stand firm that snow is only good if it cancels school.

It snowed randomly this weekend. Cora wouldn’t stop looking at the ground when we went outside. It was, surprisingly, as if she had never seen the stuff before.

mid-feb 2013 039

mid-feb 2013 044

So anyways, snowmaggedon is coming and the smart people at the district already canceled school. We’ve got big plans for our snow day. Simon and I decided tonight that we are going to make Dr. Pepper snow cream, (for the curious: add a can of Dr. Pepper to a bowl of fresh snow), rice krispies, and a snow fort with the trampoline. Well, he has plans to do that. I plan on watching from the window with my camera.

What? I am nothing if not honest. Go ahead, son. Go build your snow fort while I watch from the warmth.

mid-feb 2013 010

I’ll be back with more snow pictures tomorrow(ish). Place your bets on how much snow we actually receive.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we wind up with 2″.


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